Wornsoles Paria Canyon Pilgrimage

March 30-April 6, 2019

Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness in Utah/Arizona

This wilderness trip is intentionally designed for a cohort of entrepreneurial, high-capacity, world-shaping individuals. It is a collaboration between Larry Mitchell (of Wornsoles) and Aram Mitchell (of Renewal in the Wilderness), a father and son team who guide this experience through the Canyon with the goal of exposing you to practices and perspectives that will strengthen your capacity to be a positive influence in a troubled world.

Cost: $2250 per person

About your guides:

Larry “Grey” Mitchell grew up playing street hockey and causing a ruckus in Moncton, New Brunswick. Now he plays street hockey and causes a ruckus in and around Indianapolis, Indiana. For a crowd, in the round, on the trail Larry sets a pace and makes the space to listen, see, question, wonder, wander, percolate, and ponder. He implores you to put love where love is not. He inspires you to kick at the darkness until the light bleeds through. He  invites you into disorienting dilemmas and disruptive encounters. All for the sake of living a life of passion and compassion. He has hiked through the Paria Canyon over 30 times. More about Larry’s work: www.wornsoles.com

Aram Mitchell is a Registered Maine Guide and Wilderness First Responder with a graduate degree from Chicago Theological Seminary. Aram serves as the Executive Director of Renewal in the Wilderness, where he spends his days connecting people with wild nature in ways that sustain their spirits and strengthen their impact in the world. He has hiked through the Paria Canyon nearly 30 times.