Wilderness Engagement for Community Renewal Project

Our Wilderness Engagement for Community Renewal Project is a targeted group of programs for organizations in the Portland, Maine area and other adults who may love nature, but are looking for new ways to engage with the wilderness context and each other. 

From June 2018-October 2018, we will be holding weekly one to two hour hikes specifically for employees of care-giving organizations (such as health care or social workers, teachers, first responders, or faith community leaders) in and around Portland, Maine. We will also be offering an additional 3-day invitational backpacking and canoe trip for selected participants at no cost to them, if this program is grant-funded in July 2018.

Wellness Hikes are held on Wednesdays at either 12pm or 6:30pm throughout Summer and Fall 2018. Please click the button below for our program details, scheduled hikes for care organizations in the Portland, Maine area, and to learn more details on individual and group scholarships for Community Trips.

Linking Community to Nature and Outdoor Recreation in Maine Program

linking community.jpeg

We seek to expose adults in Maine to nature who may not have a regular practice of wilderness engagement. Our free Beauty Walks, community events like story-telling, and fee-for-service Community Trips are a part of this Program. 

This Program is for anyone and everyone, even if you've never recreated in the woods before. Join us for a Beauty Walk; we're excited to experience nature with you!