Why the Wilderness Context?

Why wilderness? Ask [those] who have known it and who have made it part of their lives. They might not be able to explain, but your very question will kindle a light in the eyes that have reflected the camp fires of a continent, eyes that have known the glory of dawns and sunsets and nights under the stars. Wilderness to them is real and this they do know; when the pressure becomes more than they can stand, somewhere back of beyond, where roads and steel and towns are still forgotten, they will find release.

— Sigurd Olson, American Forests, September 1938


We believe the wilderness has a lot to teach us as we move towards a more just world. Group experiences in the wilderness help to deepen social ties and model the principles of community. Additionally, when we face challenges in the wilderness (like heavy packs or a strong headwind), we learn to give up control and be present in the moment. The sustenance we receive from the wilderness provides renewal and contributes to resiliancy.

There is abundant scientific evidence showing the benefits of wilderness for individual well-being. Click the button below for a Literature Review of peer-reviewed research focusing on the benefits of nature immersion.


Examples of Trip Itineraries

Current Programs

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