Who we serve


Help for the helpers.

Success for us as an organization hinges on the ongoing impact of those we aim to serve. These are people who are working to make the world a more beautiful place through compassionate practices, caring professions, and justice-oriented vocations. There are a lot of you, you do a lot of different things, and that's good. This diversity of efforts has the potential to give shape to robust cultures of compassion, and it is our mission to help cultivate and sustain those cultures of compassion.

We work with individuals and organizations alike. Anyone and everyone who resonates with our mission. Healers, rescuers, teachers, care providers, public servants, clergy, community leaders, activists. Who are we missing!? Let's add you to the list and find ways to connect you with wild nature in order to strengthen your sense of purpose and encourage the spirit of compassion that informs and inspires your work in the world.

If you, your organization, or community is committed to making the world more beautiful then Renewal in the Wilderness is for you. 

Wherever you are, we would love for you to join us on a wilderness trip or consult with us to design a custom experience of renewal. 

If you're near our home base in Portland, Maine we would love to facilitate your next employee retreat.