Who we serve


We are committed to groups and organizations that are committed to making the world better. There are a lot of you, you do a lot of different things, and that's good. This diversity of efforts gives shape to a robust ecosystem of compassion. It's important that each part remains healthy and engaged.

In general

Our success as an organization hinges on the people we serve. In general people who take part in Renewal in the Wilderness programs are care providers, justice workers, and others who leverage their influence to improve the world.

In particular

We design wilderness encounters to maximize the impact of your shared work in the world. In particular we look for opportunities to customize Renewal in the Wilderness programs for groups and organizations made up of people doing good work in the world.

  • Renewal for mission-driven organizations
  • Renewal for justice-oriented groups
  • Renewal for socially responsible corporations

Renewal for you

Wilderness is a resource for strength and renewal. Our wilderness encounters are designed to boost morale, build resilience, and support longevity. If your organization, company, or community is committed to making the world better, then we want to get to know you and design a wilderness encounter that will strengthen your efforts.


Follow the link above to see more about our process of program design and how to benefit from Renewal in the Wilderness.