Values Statement



We value actively celebrating the diversity of gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, nationalities, racial and ethnic self-identifications, sizes, ages, abilities, religions, perspectives, and spiritual practices that make up our world.

We value actively including the variety of voices and experiences needed to form a robust practice of compassion and justice.

We value diverse representation in our leadership. We aim to be critical of the gaps in that representation in our own organization and we commit to taking the necessary steps to build a diverse culture of outreach, governance, and guiding.


We value wilderness as a universal resource for sustenance. We are committed to simple practices that lead to profound encounters.

We value maintaining an agile approach to program design in order to provide our constituents with appropriate options for their wilderness experience.

We value candor about the wilderness context as a flawed context, and we recognize that many aspects of wilderness prevent access to people based on physical ability, economic status, and other factors. 

We value creative solutions to challenging realities. We endeavor to make accommodations that ensure access for people with differing physical, mental and emotional abilities, and to explore partnerships and resources that help overcome obstacles to accessing wilderness renewal.


We value the environment that grounds our being in the world. We strive to integrate practices in the front country and backcountry that respect the earth as home to ourselves and others. 

We value wilderness as a special resource of our earth home, recognizing that wilderness is by definition a place we may visit but where we and the evidence of our presence are not meant to remain. 

We value the contributions and trust that our community and constituents instill in our organization. We welcome this responsibility that requires us to govern and operate with excellence and integrity.


We value paying attention to the particular needs of our organizational constituents and program participants. Our success as an organization hinges on the degree to which we learn about who they are so that we can share wilderness renewal in a way that most effectively honors those needs.

We value honest and generous participation in our programs, recognizing that profound and lasting encounters occur most naturally in groups of people who are committed to practicing presence to themselves, others and the environment.

We value collaboration and we see wilderness as a resource that supports and inspires the world-changing work of others.

We value returning from the wilderness to our home communities better equipped with practices of compassion and an orientation toward justice that empowers us to engage in the shared project of bettering the world.