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Our team had a wonderful experience with Renewal in the Wilderness. Aram and Genevieve worked closely with us in order to understand our specific context and needs as providers within the mental health system, and they then incorporated this information into a very personalized and meaningful outing. We not only had a chance to spend valuable time together outside of the office, but we were provided with structured and supportive opportunities to reflect and rejuvenate. Our time in the woods with Renewal in the Wilderness was infinitely more beneficial than many of the textbook trainings we have participated in regarding burnout and resiliency. We highly recommend Renewal in the Wilderness to any healthcare providers looking to reconnect to purpose and revitalize within the demands of an ever-changing, often-exhausting field of work. We’re very grateful for the opportunity!
— Meghann, Maine Behavioral Healthcare
As a health care professional who owns a small independent outpatient physical therapy practice, my employees and I are on the front line of care giving. We are in the trenches everyday battling for and alongside our patients as they face pain, depression, anxiety, loss of function and disability. We do this with a passion and commitment I am very proud of. However, both for myself and in my role as an employer, I recognize the need to come up for air sometimes. Renewal in the Wilderness was the conduit to breathe that fresh air. Renewal in the Wilderness helped to plan, organize and deliver times of rest, peace, solitude, reflection and togetherness for my team and I. The result was a renewal of togetherness as a team and energy to return to the trenches which increased staff satisfaction, engagement and productivity. As an employer, it solidified my belief that creating space and avenues for such experiences is of utmost importance. A massive thank you to Aram and Renewal in the Wilderness for their skill and knowledge in guiding us to the fresh air and moments of reflection.
— Phil, Alliance Physical Therapy
Partnering with Renewal in the Wilderness for my Freshman Orientation course was wonderful. The walks we went on were thoughtfully planned, perfectly guided, and always deepened our understanding of the material we covered in class. Their ability to spark an interest in that which we often pass by (both in the world and in ourselves), in purposefully slowing down to consider our steps, to marvel at and venture into unknown places, was exactly what my class needed. My students repeatedly expressed how refreshed and reconnected they felt after our meetings. Walking with Renewal in the Wilderness is a joyful and profound experience for all.
— Annika, Maine College of Art
I am not just learning how to connect with the beautiful parks of Maine, but also connect with a very deep part of my self.  You are helping me to dive in some abandoned oceans of my being.
— Giuliana T.
Thank you so much for reminding me once again about the wonders of the wilderness and how much we need nature to inspire and inform us in the world.
— Mary W.
Renewal in the Wilderness led me into a place without distractions. It allowed me to acknowledge my limits and needs. The trip reminded me of how little we need to be profoundly peaceful and complete.
— Julie H.
We developed mutual respect for each other and a very, very strong sense of group. That sense of group carried over to the way we shared tasks in camp, paddled in a brigade of four canoes, and faced formidable challenges. For me, the trip was emotional and cleansing.
— Donald R.
I didn’t want it to end.  I mean, I knew the physical part of the trip had to stop, but what I particularly didn’t want to end was the feeling of wholeness and connection.  And so far it hasn’t, even ten months later.
— Stephanie P.
I was very anxious about the trip because I had never done anything like this before. I am one who enjoys sleeping in a bed, taking a shower each day and enjoying the comforts of home. I was also afraid that the physical nature of the trip would be too hard on me… The trip was incredible. I was able to stretch myself physically, emotionally and spiritually in ways that I had never experienced in my life. The physical nature of the trip was hard, yes, but it was not unbearable and the toughness of it only helped to focus my mind.
— Stephen C.
I have made a shift from seeing the wilderness as a hostile environment to one of blissful peace and stillness.  It is this peace and stillness that is the core of the trip’s gift... When I want to feel that sense of centered, grounded, deep stillness, silence, and peace, I go back in my mind to that site on a bluff overlooking the lake where I spent my day of solitude.
— Carole A.