Our Programs


Sustain compassionate efforts of Individuals. Sustain the mission and impact of Organizations. Cultivate compassion for a changing World.

Our programs sustain the compassionate efforts of individuals.

Our programs contribute to the well-being of individual participants through nature exposure, provide mindfully guided experiences in the wilderness context that contribute to personal resiliency, and increase knowledge and skills associated with the wilderness. For ways to link up with our community and participate, please see our Community Programs or Wilderness Engagement for Community Renewal pages.

Our programs sustain the mission and continued impact of organizations.

Our programs increase group cohesion and interdependence, help mitigate the effects of vocational burnout, and provide space to reflect on purpose and meaningful work. To design a custom wilderness encounter for your group or organization, please see our Design a Custom Program page or visit our Current Custom Programs for examples.

Our programs cultivate compassion in a changing world.

Our programs provide a container where the principles of community may be modeled in a wilderness context that deepens social ties, where conversation can be focused on justice and/or environmental issues, and also help navigate points of cultural and organizational transition. To learn more about these programs, please visit our Student Wilderness Justice Community or Navigating Transition with Progressive Faith Communities pages.

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Please click the link below to design a custom program, trip, or retreat for your group or organization.

See below for some examples of custom trip itineraries.