We guide wilderness encounters that cultivate and sustain cultures of compassion.


We consider engagement with wilderness to be a dynamic and meaningful practice. Our approach is rooted in the understanding that wilderness has a lot to show us as we navigate our way toward a more compassionate world. 

We design our encounters for groups of care providers, justice workers, and faith leaders. These people are often over-worked, under-compensated, and rapidly burning out. We make experiences of renewal accessible to them in order to sustain their important work.

We guide people to the places where wilderness and spirituality flow together. We camp out at that confluence, paying attention to the potential for profound encounters that impact our collective nature as caring beings in the world.

Renewal in the Wilderness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that asks: "Who helps the helpers?" We offer highly intentional and intentionally simple wilderness encounters designed to renew the spirits of those doing the work of compassion. We believe that by helping the world's helpers we are actively contributing to the process of making our world a beautiful place to be.