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Local Retreats

For businesses and organizations near our home base in Portland, Maine we offer local nature retreats designed to boost the creativity, morale, productivity, and all around well-being of your employees.

Subsidies available! Thanks to the generosity of the Quimby Family Foundation we are able to subsidize employee retreats based on the needs of nonprofit care providing organizations. For more information visit the Quimby partner page and contact us to discuss.

We are wilderness guides. But we do more than guide people through the wilderness.

We apply wildness to every-day life, using intentional encounters with nature to increase productivity, creativity, health, and well-being. Our aim is to connect personal well-being with professional resilience by facilitating experiences of mindfulness, playfulness, community, and renewal.

Partner with us to support your employees and strengthen their work with a custom local nature retreat where your group meets our guide for a morning or afternoon of movement, reflection, and inspiration in a nearby neighborhood wild space.

$450 for 3-hour retreat, including:

  • Group size up to 12 people.

  • We will consult to discuss the needs of your group and the best date, time, and location for your retreat.

  • We will send a note to invite participants, build enthusiasm, and ensure that everyone knows what to expect.

  • We will guide your encounter with times of movement, rest, conversation, and reflection.

  • We will invite feedback from you and your group.

  • Partner organizations can also offer their employees 25% off of our open enrollment Wilderness Trips.

Subsidies for Maine-based nonprofit organizations.

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