Renewal in the Wilderness


Renewal in the Wilderness®

Renewal in the Wilderness offers spiritual retreats in nature—in the great outdoors—mostly for adults. For at least 6000 years, people looking for a deeper connection to their spiritual center have gone to wild places to find that center, and something larger. And the wilderness has lost none of its power: People are deeply touched by their experiences as the many testimonials show. As spiritual renewal experts and wilderness retreat experts—and gourmet wilderness chefs, because we like to eat well, too—we at RITW welcome people from all faiths (or none) on our trips as we seek to spend time with God in ways that civilization doesn't usually allow. And very importantly, our trips are a lot of fun; otherwise, why do them?

Reconnect with God in the same way our ancestors found so effective. Sign up for a canoe trip or kayak trip. Custom group trips also available. > LEARN MORE

Renewal in the Wilderness

GET THE BOOK: John Lionberger's Renewal in the Wilderness: A Spiritual Guide to Connecting With God in the Natural World

Wilderness Canoe Trips

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