Winter Camping in a Yurt

February 8-10, 2019

camping in a (warm) yurt at Hidden Valley Nature Center in Jefferson, Maine


It’ll be chilly and hopefully snowy in February, with temperatures below freezing. Which is why we will be bundled up when we’re out on our hikes, and huddled cozily around the fire or in our yurt around the wood stove playing games and scribbling in our journals.

The trails are rugged in places with inclines and will be slick with ice and snow, making snowshoes or micro-spikes (which we’ll provide) or cross-country skis (if that’s your cup of tea) necessary. We will be carrying our gear a couple miles to our basecamp, but we’re in no rush, and your guide will be there to help you. Previous winter camping or backpacking experience is not necessary.

Cost: $300 per person

Guide: Aram Mitchell