What are the physical requirements for a Renewal in the Wilderness trip?

Each experience varies in what is required for you to have a safe and effective experience. Most of our trips require basic physical fitness for walking and balancing over some rugged terrain while carrying some supplies. Consider your current physical ability, your current mental ability and your doctor’s advice in taking into account your fitness for a trip. Still not sure? Give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out! If our trips don’t fit you, we’d like to help you find an option for wilderness renewal that does.

Is prior wilderness experience necessary?

Nope! Just be prepared to expect the unexpected and re-think your ideals of comfort. (But don’t get carried away: We promise to feed you well and do our best to provide hot coffee or tea every morning!)

What gear do I need?

It depends on the trip and the season. Once you've registered for a trip we'll send you a packing list. We provide all of the group gear, and work hard to provide as much gear as possible for your personal use as well.  We’ll give you suggestions for renting or purchasing any additional gear you’ll need.

Is it dangerous?

Being in the wilderness always involves some degree of risk. Wilderness trips just have different risks than the ones you may be used to. Renewal in the Wilderness guides are trained in risk management, safety procedures and wilderness first aid, as are all contracted guides. You will not be asked to do something that you cannot do, or that involves unnecessary risk. As always, if you have concerns that you want to talk about, give us a call!

What about insurance?

You need to have your own health insurance policy. We’ll also ask you to sign a waiver in compliance with our own insurance. And we recommend buying trip insurance from a travel insurance provider.

What if I can’t afford the cost of a trip?

We believe in the value and benefit of the experiences we offer. We also want these experiences to be as accessible to you as possible. One way we help make our trips financially accessible without compromising their true value is through scholarships that are funded by different foundations, partner organizations, and communities. We also have resources to help you confidently ask people who love and support you to help out. If you are worried about the cost, let us know. That's why we’re here!

Is Renewal in the Wilderness a religious organization? 

We root our experiences in spiritual practices of compassion, respect, and curiosity. But we aren't affiliated with any particular religion or expression of faith. We are open to you, whoever you are and however you come!

What if I am not all that spiritual?

That’s fine! Everyone on our trips makes two commitments: 1) To be honest with themselves. 2) To be generous to others. That means we want you to be distinctly you, and we want you to be open to others who are doing the same. If you consider yourself an explorer on a journey (or if you’d like to try that identity on for size), we’re confident that you will find renewal with us.

How long are the trips?

We offer experiences of different lengths. Some are day trips. Some are multi-day trips ranging from 3 days to a week long. And many are customized to fit the precise needs of the communities we serve.

Do you offer custom trips?

Sure do! Check this out: Custom Renewal.

What is a normal day?

A key component of the Renewal in the Wilderness experience is to step away from an agenda-driven mindset. That said, a normal day with us will vary depending on the length of the trip you choose. On all of our trips we’ll spend some time at the outset going over necessary wilderness skills and best-practices for safety and fun in the elements. On our overnight trips we start each day with some guided meditation and prepare for the day with a question or two to focus on throughout the day’s activities. In the evenings we’ll make time to debrief over a delicious meal by sharing memories and insights from the day. You can come expecting ample time for solitude, plenty of space for conversation and expression, and ready to eat well!

May I bring a friend or a spouse?

Sure! Just be prepared to share yourself and your space with the whole group.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

You can read our policies for cancellations and refunds.