A note from our Executive Director


During my first couple years as Executive Director of Renewal in the Wilderness I've thought hard about how we can make the best use of wilderness as a spiritual practice that advances the prevalence and power of compassion in the world. From conversations with our founder, along with insight from our Board, and the promptings of my own heart I've found our focus. Our success as an organization hinges on our ability to bring the whispers of wilderness wisdom directly into the lives and work of care providers, justice workers, and faith leaders.

We've chosen care providers, justice workers, and faith leaders because they are making the world more beautiful with their practices of compassion. And they are so frequently burning out from their efforts. We want to sustain the former, and prevent the latter.

We've chosen care providers, justice workers, and faith leaders because these are the people that we know the best.

Before I moved to Maine in 2015 and started guiding Renewal in the Wilderness I worked along side of progressive faith leaders who are committed to being present with people in their questions, seasons of celebration, and moments of desperation. I saw and experienced how difficult their work is. Before that I worked for a social service organization operating homeless shelters for under-represented populations. I witnessed firsthand the devotion of social workers, youth workers, advocates, and grassroots organizers pushing with all their might against systemic forms of oppression. I felt how frustrating their work can be. Before that I worked in an elementary school in a supportive roll to the most resourceful individuals I know as they showed up every day to meet the needs of their students. These people are my heroes. These people are my people. 

After working alongside of you for the first decade of my professional life I am now delighted to be spending my days advocating for your well-being, devising ways to bring regular rhythms of wilderness renewal into your lives, and guiding encounters designed to sustain your practices of compassion. Stay strong. Keep on. We're here when you need us.

In solidarity,

Aram Mitchell