Request some custom Renewal


We'd love to guide a wilderness encounter that fits your schedule and needs. Click the button below to contact us and start developing an experience of Renewal in the Wilderness for you,  your group, or organization.


Our approach to guiding your wilderness encounter begins in the front country with collaborative development, it continues in the field with facilitated programming, and hopefully culminates with ongoing rhythms of renewal for you and your community.


First, we want to get to know your organization or group. We'll meet with you to:

  • get a sense of your vision for a better world
  • understand your operations 
  • profile your capacities and limitations regarding time, physical abilities, and finances
  • discern the scale of support that we can provide
  • explore the integration of other objectives or resources that suit your organization

Then, we'll outline what we would like to offer you in a brief program proposal including:

  • our understanding of your situation and needs
  • the services we want to provide
  • details about who from Renewal in the Wilderness will deliver the services
  • a chart of the costs and resulting price of the program
  • an invitation to discuss and, as needed, reshape the proposal

When we've agreed on the outline of your custom program we'll work with you to communicate program details to the participants. Things like:

  • program description and itinerary
  • information about activities and locations
  • what Renewal in the Wilderness will provide
  • preparation and packing checklists
  • directions for travel and other logistics


During our time with you in the field we will guide you in an intentional process that weaves together the variables of your program with our principles of renewal and practices of engagement.

Variables. These include the type of activity, destination, and duration. Our offerings range from partial-day walks to multi-day immersions. For example:

  • package of two or three half-day hikes in nearby natural areas
  • weekend backpacking trip on a rugged trail
  • couple of nights in a rustic cabin with gentle hikes during the day
  • three days (or more) paddling canoes and camping out on a river or lake
  • series of multiple wilderness experiences spread throughout the year for one cohort or for different groups in your organization

Principles. Our programs are rooted in principles that inform the process of designing and guiding your experience. These are the things we think are true:

  • Nature is good for us.
  • We need relief.
  • We need each other.
  • We all have a part to play.

Practices. These are the things we do in the field to anchor ourselves to the principles of renewal. We find that simple practices make space for profound effects.

  • Some practices amplify the benefits of nature. Like silence, deep breaths, and guided meditation.
  • Some practices meet our need for relief. Like unplugging from devices, a slow pace, and small comforts.
  • Some practices form group cohesion. Like telling stories, making camp, and sharing meals.
  • Some practices bolster your relationship to your vocation. Like journaling, discussing challenges, and taking the time to remember why you do the work.


It's important to us to assess the benefits from your wilderness encounter. When we develop a program, and then weave together its variables with our principles and practices, we are forming an experiential web designed to:

  • boost morale
  • build resilience
  • support longevity

We want to know if it helped, and to note specifically how it helped. Then we want to make use of this knowledge to inform the next steps in your ongoing relationship with renewal.