Community Trips

Each of our Community Trips is designed to hold space for the wilderness to guide you to the encounter you need most. It might be a restful encounter, or one of challenge and inspiration. You might encounter your own resilience, or a sense of solidarity among colleagues. Usually the wilderness weaves together the elements of your encounter in a way that is equally grounding and compelling. Ultimately we seek these encounters with wilderness so that we may return from the experience with renewed spirits, ready to do good work in the world.


Allagash Wilderness Waterway (Maine)

This trip can be completed any time for groups of at least 4 persons between May-early October. 

As an organization that has recently sunk its roots into Maine, we've scouted out a portion of one of the true gems of wilderness renewal in the state: The Allagash Wilderness Waterway. “The State of Maine… seeks to ensure that this area will be maintained forever as a place of solace and refuge from the pressures of society.” Thanks Maine! 

We would love to put together an adaptable trip and provide the necessary space and intention that speaks to the needs of your organization on this beautiful wilderness waterway during the spring to fall season.

Lead Guide: Aram Mitchell



Third Machias Lake (Maine)

This three-day trip is quintessential Maine. Close enough to give us ready access, and deep enough in the woods to get us away from daily distractions. We will put in at the southwestern arm of Third Machias Lake where we will load our canoes with the essentials for a pleasant camp and an abundance of ingredients for our back-country meals. An afternoon of paddling will bring us to camp where we’ll spend two nights. In between we’ll enjoy a full day - a true sabbath experience - with opportunities for solitude and exploration, punctuated by community meals around the fire.

Lead guide: Aram Mitchell

Click here for more information: Third Machias Information

Pleasant Mountain (Maine)

July 15, 2017

This delicious day hike up Pleasant Mountain provides opportunity for solitude and reflection, along with conversation and solidarity. An extended version of our weekly Beauty Walks, on this hike we’ll take time to wonder at what dreams are thawing in our spirits, what ideas are growing in our minds and what beauty is blooming in our communities. The day will begin with a steep climb to the summit, continue with a pleasant picnic at the top, and culminate with a refreshing stroll back to the trailhead.

Lead guide: Aram Mitchell

Minimum: 4 participants - Suggested Donation: $25 per participant

Grafton Loop Trail and Androscoggin River (Maine)

August 10-13, 2017

This hiking/paddling combination trip begins with three days and two nights backpacking along a portion of the Grafton Loop Trail and ends with a Sunday morning canoe paddle on the Androscoggin River. The Grafton Loop Trail is a high-elevation backcountry trail strewn with peaks, streams and primitive campsites along its 38 miles. Backpacking this loop involves wrestling by day and resting by night, ultimately returning with a strengthened sense of clarity and resilience in one’s capacity for impact in the world. We will complete much of the loop, with backcountry camping on Thursday and Friday, before spending Saturday night at a campground on the Androscoggin River. Enjoy fellowship that evening with your wilderness community at a local brewery and wake up to paddle the beautiful Androscoggin River on Sunday morning. Previous backpacking or paddling experience isn’t necessary, but it is important that participants be in good condition to navigate the terrain and elevation gains while carrying personal and group gear. 

Lead guide: Aram Mitchell

                                                                                                                               Minimum: 4 participants - Fee: $650 per participant 


Boundary Waters Canoe Area (Minnesota)

September 2-8, 2017

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area has long served as a sanctuary for weary souls seeking renewal. We've designed this week-long wilderness encounter to serve as a launching point for those needing to reconnect with their spiritual base. During this backcountry wilderness camping experience, we will spend our days canoeing from campsite to campsite and our nights around the campfire star gazing. Our paddle strokes will be light and our voices hushed as we pause to listen and watch for wildlife, for our breath and for moments of spiritual sustenance. This is a great trip for those who want to experience the untouched nature of wilderness and group solidarity amidst the expansive solitude of 814,441 acres of wilderness area.

Lead guide: John Lionberger

Minimum: 4 participants - Fee: $1,750 per participant

Click here for more information: Boundary Waters Information


Paria Canyon (Utah/Arizona)

November 5-10, 2017

This multi-day backpacking trip follows the Paria River as it cuts its way through the Colorado Plateau region in southern Utah and northern Arizona. Walking in the depths of red rock country, your view of the sky opens further each day until you reach the final stretch of Arizona desert. Against this backdrop of grand beauty there is a sacred simplicity to the encounter between self and surroundings. We set a pace that allows for frequent respite between the miles of carrying our packs. On past trips we have practiced yoga in an abandoned meander, strolled in silence through a starlit slot canyon and feasted on startlingly delicious cuisine. You will drink water from natural springs and sleep in the cool desert night. You will see ancient petroglyphs and brush your fingers over even older water-formed features in the canyon walls. Previous backpacking experience is recommended but not required.

Lead guide: Aram Mitchell

Minimum: 4 participants - Fee: $1,100 per participant

Click here for more information: Paria Canyon Information