Renewal in the Wilderness

"For me, each of the experiences went beyond anything I could have done on my own. I'm someone who does connect with the outside and the wilderness in ways that renew me and feed me and energize me. But the combination of the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional experiences really forced me to look at things in an entirely different way. I could stay [out here in the wilderness] another week because I still have a lot of work to do! (laughing) It was life-altering for me."
~ Susan Turner




“Thank you so much for reminding me once again about the wonders of the wilderness. Canoeing with you on the Wisconsin River was a marvelous experience that will resonate for many years to come; it reminded me of how much we need nature to inspire and inform us in the world of the 21st century. Thank you for your leadership, for all your organization and planning and for your encouragement of each of us.”

~ Mary Watt




"I was very anxious about the trip because I had never done anything like this before. I enjoy the comforts of home. I was also afraid of the physical nature of the trip because I had gotten in really bad shape. Little did I know how I had under estimated what the experience would be for me.

"The trip was incredible. I was able to stretch myself physically, emotionally and spiritually in ways that I had never experienced. The physical nature of the trip was hard, yes, but not overwhelming, and it helped to focus my mind on the beauty of the Boundary Waters and the task at hand. It enabled me to be fully present with the experience and with God in ways that I never expected. Our discussions and devotionals enriched my spiritual life.

"The day of solitude and silence allowed me to rest and reflect on all that had happened, and to speak with God and journal my thoughts. I had powerful revelations that were followed by an overwhelming sense of peace unlike any peace I have felt.

"As the trip wound down I had many conflicting emotions: joy that I could take a hot shower and see my family; and a deep sadness that our trip was over, that I might never again see the beauty of the Boundary Waters, or ever again experience God in such a tangible way. My journaled words and my photographs cannot do justice to our trip, but I know that God changed me in a profound way.

"Thank you again John for all you do and for taking people to the wilderness to see what you saw! I am a better man, husband, father and child of God because of the journey."

~ Reverend Stephen Caine


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Canoe Trip and Kayak Trip Calendar

spiritual canoe trips

Renewal in the Wilderness leads canoe and sea kayaking trips, as well as other expeditions in nature throughout the year. Founder John Lionberger also speaks regularly at groups and gatherings throughout the U.S. See our Newsletter for the latest canoe trip updates.

2016 Canoe Trips, Kayak Trips, Backpacking Pilgrimage

spiritual backpacking trips]

2015 Canoe Trips, Kayak Trips

  • May
    Kishwaukee River Canoe Trip
  • June
    Kishwaukee River Canoe Trip

    canoeing the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin
    Wisconsin River Canoe Trip
  • July
    Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska Sea Kayaking Trip

    Canoe Trip, Wisconsin River
  • August
    Canoe Trip, Wisconsin River

    Apostle Islands, WI, Sea Kayaking Trip
  • September
    Boundary Waters in Minnesota Canoe Trip — SOLD OUT

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip


See Calendar: Archive for past events.


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