A couple weeks ago I spent a few days at Grand Falls hut up north of Flagstaff Lake scouting locations for The Crux program. The trail from my car to the hut followed the Dead River for  about eight miles. I walked through forests and wild flowers, passed by stumps and logs and snakes and toads, heard the call of cicadas and prop planes and paddlers, I watched for moose (saw one!), listened for loons, and waited for my busy mind to find calm by letting each thought drop back behind me as I made my way along the trail.

On the hike back to my car I paused every so often for a full minute of stillness to look, listen and feel at the natural happenings around me. In some places I had a broad view of the river or of conifers growing along a ridge. In other places I zeroed in on the natural minutia of a rotting log on the forest floor or the tepid water at the base of a beaver dam. In each place I found delight, curiosity, calm, and a sort of companionship.

I recorded some of my minute-long moments of stillness and, throughout September, I'm going to be plopping them right down in the midst of our Facebook and Instagram feeds to encourage us, as we scroll and cajole your way through each day, to pause for a minute and be still. And then maybe go find a minute moment of your own to look, listen, and feel your way toward a sense of companionship with the world around you. 

If you have the tools to record your own minute moments, please share with us!

#minutemoment @renewalinthewilderness