What Winter Revealed (Erica)

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What Winter Revealed

by Erica Bartlett


The winter morning air

wakes me more fully

than any amount of caffeine,

brings every inch

of my body


to the revelations

of the world around me.


The stripped-down truth

of fractal tree limbs,

fragility of slender branches

belied by the strength

of decades standing.

The intricate etching

of ice crystals,

delicate beauty stunning

on the mundane canvas

of the car’s windshield.


In this moment

everything becomes simple,

a pure reality

of light and shadow,

the instant before

color reenters the world.


And in this moment

I, too, am revealed

to myself,

reminded of the essence

at the heart

of my being,

more than the person

going about her daily tasks

to survive.


I, too,

am a being 

balanced between 

light and shadow,

filled with renewed clarity 

of purpose,

a determination

to do all I can

to protect and cherish

everything revealed

on this winter morning.


And I feel the imperative

to carry this moment,

this breath,

this beauty, 

this fragility and strength,

into my day,

to stay alive,

and inspired,

and awake.

Aram Mitchell

Renewal in the Wilderness, 20 Roberts Street, Falmouth, ME, 04105