Finding Spring

A poem by friend of Renewal in the Wilderness, Erica Bartlett, inspired by her experience on a Portland Beauty Walk in late March:

Finding Spring by Erica Bartlett

The calendar claims spring,

but the relentless drudgery

of snow and ice

makes me question it,

huddling in,

seeking only safety and warmth

in my own walls.

But I committed

to venturing out,

and, reluctant, I pull myself

from my shell,

and go forth to find



In company with others

seeking the same,

I am reminded

of the beauty

surrounding me each day.

Cardinals and chickadees and mallards,

dogs bounding in excitement,

the sweet music of cascading water


from the snow and ice.


Something else awakens,

both older and newer,

a sense of play

and sheer fun,

the exuberance of sliding

down a snow-slick hill,

remembering it is

not all drudgery,

but magical as well.


Returning to my own walls

I carry still

a piece of the wild beauty

and joyful play.

Perhaps it is spring

after all.

Aram Mitchell

Renewal in the Wilderness, 20 Roberts Street, Falmouth, ME, 04105