Meditation at Fore River (again)

Photo credit:  Sean Alonzo Harris

Photo credit: Sean Alonzo Harris

As we approach the end of one season and the beginning of the next; in this liminal place where the heat of summer days start to tease us with an occasional cool breeze in the evening; as the creative urgency of yesterday ebbs and our audacious ambitions for tomorrow flow; I thought it might be worth dipping into the archives to share a mediation that I shared last autumn, from a Beauty Walk with a group of MECA students in Fore River Sanctuary in Portland.

Pause for ten and listen when you have a chance.

And here it is distilled into something of a poem:

ball up tight
clenched, tense
flow into fresh and fresh washes over you
let tension dissolve
loosen grasp
ease the muscles in your face, tongue
lightly wiggle your toes fingers
open heart

let yourself be
deep breath: fill up your lungs
deep breath: full up your chest
deep breath: fill up your ribs, leak into neck and pelvis
deep breath: full up this forest

tide turn and flowing back
fresh full aimless slick dizzy
start to try and find something to grasp
idea feeling thought image
look around as you flow into the salt
see: there’s more grit to hold on to