On Returning to Civilization

A glimpse into some of the RITW correspondence upon returning from our hike through the Paria Canyon...

Colin: “I don't know about you, but coming back to the city is not an easy transition.  I miss the plateau.  I miss the red and gold.  I feel like the Paria Canyon was either walking through a dream I never wanted to wake from, or like waking up for the first time and realizing everything before had been an illusion.  Ugh. When do we go back?  Real life is so fake... What a trip.  One that has changed me.  Thanks for the wake up call… or the deep sleep… I'm not sure which yet.”

Lauren: “The melancholy of return from the wilderness is inevitable, I suppose, and I empathize with it. I find it amusing and ironic the way we speak of “Real Life” as our routine, our bills, our obligations, our distractions (I do it too). But as rivers go… the confluence between the real/fake wild/constructed dream/waking creates a swirl of matter that makes distinction impossible. Keep turning over every stone… even the tiny pieces of gravel stuck in the sidewalk cracks.”

Indeed, navigating the return is often one of the wildest parts of the experience.

Indeed, you never know where a moment of wilderness might be lurking.