Beauty Walks

Our Beauty Walks are for people trying to make the world a decent place to live, and who sometimes get burnt out by their efforts. These are an opportunity to come together with others and listen for the refreshing whispers of wilderness wisdom.

Beauty Walks meet at different locations (mostly near Portland, Maine) each week to walk, reflect, converse, and then return with a renewed spirit to your important work in the world.

The practice of Beauty Walks is inspired by Animal, Vegetable, & Mineral: The Sacred Connection, an article by Carol Lee Sanchez, and was introduced to Renewal in the Wilderness by Sharon Welch, a friend of Renewal who uses this practice with her students.

Follow the links below to see details about dates, times, and locations for our local Beauty Walks. 

If you aren't near enough to join our guided Beauty Walks that's okay, we've got you covered. Follow the link below to get some guidance on how to create your own experience of the natural wisdom in your local area.