Renewal in the Wilderness

"Thank you for the opportunity to seek God in the wilderness. The retreat into nature was the perfect chance to spend quality time with God. I commend your ministry and exceptional outdoor education."
~ Meredith Warden


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"[Our] canoe trip was unquestionably the high point of my summer. Being able to bond with everyone who joined us was very special and I'll remember it fondly and would love to repeat the experience with anyone,
especially my son."
~ Tom Ostler


About Us

Renewal in the Wilderness

There is an ancient and deeply compelling spiritual tradition of human beings going into the wilderness to find God and/or their spiritual core. Moses, Jesus, Paul, Buddha and Confucius — to name just a few of our spiritual forebears from all around the world — knew that in the wilderness they'd find the quiet and the simplicity that could lead to profound spiritual connections. They understood that the busyness of normal day-to-day living is usually not the way to regain that connection with God because it affords little opportunity to simply, humbly and quietly be with God. Which is exactly why we lead spiritual retreats in nature, with wilderness expert John Lionberger.

AWE: This is kind of what happens on our wilderness trips. It's gorgeous and amazing, and it's life-changing: The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck

Perhaps even in our time...especially in our time...leaving civilization to spend time with God in the wilderness holds an important key to our own renewal.

Renewal in the Wilderness

Founded by John Lionberger in 2001 as the result of his own experience of encountering God in the wilderness, Renewal in the Wilderness takes men and women from all denominations and faith traditions out of their normal environments for 1-8 days of wilderness travel to give them a chance to spend extraordinary time with God.

John Calvin said:

"the [natural] a cathedral erected for displaying the glory of God."

I have found this over and over again to be absolutely true. So, our time in God's cathedral is specifically designed to provide a spiritual environment in which people can renew their relationships with God in places that are so obviously of God's making.

Our trips are also — and this is very important — designed to be a lot of fun! It is a profound pleasure just being in the wilderness, moving quietly and watching that magnificent world unfold as we flow through it.

We'll learn wilderness skills, build new friendships or deepen old ones. We'll spend time on spiritual issues and time on wilderness issues. Renewal in the Wilderness trips are an intentional blend of the spiritual and the physical, the serious and the fun.



Our Office

Renewal in the WildernessRenewal in the Wilderness
1730 Hinman, 2B
Evanston, Il 60201


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