Renewal for one becomes compassion for many.


There's renewal for you.

Probing and provocative...Renewal in the Wilderness enjoins us to remember our primal sacred beginnings with clear grace and compelling reasons. Lionberger has an encompassing reach, giving voice to atheists, agnostics and the simply soul-weary, as well as believers from many of the world’s great faith traditions.
— Publishers Weekly
Renewal in the Wilderness led me into a place without distractions, where there was no escape from what I most fear and what I most deeply desire. It allowed me to acknowledge my limits and needs. The trip reminded me of how little we need to be profoundly happy and left my heart feeling peaceful and complete.
— Reverend Julie R. Harley
For me, each of the experiences went beyond anything I could have done on my own. I’m someone who does connect with the outside and the wilderness in ways that renew me and feed me and energize me. But the combination of the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional experiences really forced me to look at things in an entirely different way… It was life-altering for me.
— Susan Turner
I didn’t want it to end. I mean, I knew the physical part of the trip had to stop, but what I particularly didn’t want to end was the feeling of wholeness and connection. And so far it hasn’t, even six months later.”
— Reverend Dr. Stephanie Perdew VanSlyke